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Terms and Conditions for Using
General Terms
You agree to use our site properly. By viewing (“the site”), you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this site as well as any applicable state and federal regulations and laws. The contents of this site are protected by copyright/trademark laws. The site may use cookies to enhance user experience. By accessing the site, you agree to allow such usage.
Right to Refuse Compliance
You don’t have to use our site. Should you refuse to abide by any of the terms and conditions outlined on this page, your granted access to the site is terminated. Any downloaded or printed materials should be destroyed. Any violation of the terms and conditions automatically terminates any granted access or permissions.
Usage Permissions
You may not use the site beyond its intended purposes. Forms and information are provided on the site for the convenience of our patients’ and potential patients’ personal use. Permission is granted to download and/or print the information for private, personal use only, without changes or modifications. Permissions granted are in no way a transfer of ownership or permission to share, sell, rent, or sub-license any aspect of the site’s contents or software. Permission is NOT granted to alter in any way the site’s materials, images, copyrights, or software.
Permission is NOT granted to use the site or its software for transmission, storage, or any type of usage and/or purpose beyond those intended. Permission is NOT granted to use or alter contents or software for commercial use. Permission is NOT granted to transfer or mirror materials to another person, site, or server.
Imagery of patients is for review only. Permission is NOT granted to download or use patient imagery for other purposes, personal or otherwise.
We do not warranty successful use of the site. Albert Fox Facial Plastic Surgery Center, LLC and/or its providers are in no way liable – financially or otherwise – for any damages resulting from the use or lack of use of the site and/or its materials. The site is provided “as is” for the purpose of providing general information and makes no warranties regarding accuracy, promoted results, reliability of materials, links, product promises or usage fitness, or reliability of site materials. Information provided on the site may contain errors in its imagery, information, and/or technology. The site does not warrant the accuracy of the site or its contents. Albert Fox Facial Plastic Surgery Center, LLC is not responsible for the contents of linked websites.
We respect your right to privacy. The site’s Contact form is not encrypted. Information provided should be considered at risk. Do not include social security, credit card, or other sensitive information in contacting our office via the site.
Legitimate inquiries via the site are responded to within a timely fashion. Names and contact information from inquiries are not databased.
Albert Fox Facial Plastic Surgery Center, LLC and its providers adhere to HIPAA and other privacy regulations, in accordance with Massachusetts and federal laws. Our written Privacy Policy is provided to new patients or is available upon request.

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