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Frequently Asked Questions

Request a Consultation

With each of the answers below, know that your experience may differ. We offer several services, and people truly are unique in their physiology – affecting what each needs and how each reacts and recovers. This is why personal consultations are so important, and it is why our patients consult directly with Dr. Fox.

What is your Payment Policy?

Our payment policy is available through the Patient Paperwork pdf document. Payments for consultations and treatments are due in full at the time of service. Payment for surgery is due in full at the pre-operative appointment. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. We also accept Care Credit (limited options; call for details). Patient issues involving (insurance-covered) functional maladies will be referred to Dr. Fox’s medical

I have an Event coming up. When should I Call for a Consultation?

Call now! The truth is, these things always take longer than you’d think, so if you are considering visiting our facility, make your appointment as soon as possible. (508) 207-4455

Is there a Cancelation List for Appointments?

Yes; just ask to be placed on the Wait List when making your appointment. In the event that an opening occurs, we immediately refer to it.

Is there a Fee for Consultation?

Yes, there is a $100 fee for a consultation appointment. Should you have work done with Dr. Fox, that fee may later be credited to the cost of the procedure.

Can my friend and I have a Joint Consultation?

Yes and no. Consultations are always one-on-one so that Dr. Fox can give you his full attention. That said, we often have friends, mothers and daughters, etc. book consecutive appointments and sit in on both sessions.

Does Dr. Fox work on Children?

In a very few special instances, Dr. Fox will take on a teen over 14 years old, but we generally offer services only to adults.

What will determine if I can have treatment/surgery right away?

For most non-surgical treatments (Botox, etc.), it may be possible to have treatment in that initial consultation visit. For surgeries, many factors are involved: required medical/lab tests, stop smoking, etc. It may also be that our surgical schedule is tight. Know that we will accommodate you as best we can.

How Much does it Cost?

Costs vary greatly. When it comes to Botox or fillers, we can usually give you general pricing over the phone – per area with Botox; per vial with Dysport and fillers – but only Dr. Fox can know how much you will need. Because of individual needs, surgeries are almost impossible to ballpark prior to a consultation.

Do you offer Specials and Deals?

We may, from time to time, offer special deals to established patients, generally on spa services or non-surgical treatments. However, some of our product vendors have their own rewards programs, and we would be happy to help you set up an account with them.

What’s the Difference between Surgery in our Facility vs. a Hospital?

Having our own operating room and surgical suite allows our patients privacy, convenience, and safety, and it means that everything from consultation to follow-ups are conducted in one friendly location. Dr. Fox’s on-site OR suite is AAAHC-certified, and approximately 98% of our surgeries are performed here. Should Dr. Fox feel a patient would be better suited in a hospital setting, this will be discussed with the patient prior to setting up
the surgery appointment at St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford, MA.

How Long is Recovery?

Dr. Fox can go over expectations for your recovery period with you at the time of your appointment. Things like smoking, activity, and your body’s own unique system all play a role in the recovery process. There are also
stages of recovery: when swelling stops, when you can go back to work, when the sutures are removed, when scarring heals… Dr. Fox will take the time to give you realistic expectations for your recovery. Only as a ballpark (don’t hold us to this), know that recovery from an injection can range from a couple of hours to 3 or 4 weeks, depending on the product and your physiology. Recovery from minor surgeries – such as laser or an earlobe repair – can be a few days to a few weeks. Recovery from a major surgery – such as a facelift – can range from a few weeks to a few months.

How much time will I need to take off from Work?

This can vary, depending on the service performed and the type of work you do. Most injection treatments allow patients to immediately return to work (although there may be some bruising and/or swelling). We perform several surgeries, and recovery times can vary greatly. Dr. Fox can discuss with you your personal needs and expectations.

How Much Pain Should I Expect?

It is simply a fact that most procedures performed here will entail some degree of discomfort as the body adjusts and recovers, and how much depends a great deal on your own tolerance for pain. Dr. Fox will give
you realistic expectations of what you will experience and how long you will experience it. With non-surgical treatments, generally a small ice pack or some Tylenol is the most one might need to assist with discomfort. With surgeries, medications may be prescribed.

What About Scarring?

One of the best things about Dr. Fox is his attention to detail when it comes to lasting marks – taking the additional time to make small stitches and, whenever possible, “hiding” incision marks within the natural folds of the face. Scars fade over time, but you may expect to see surgical scars up to a year or more, depending on your own body’s recovery capabilities.

Will I Have to Stay Overnight?

Facial plastic surgery is generally day-surgery. If you do not live in the Dartmouth, MA area, we may suggest that you stay with nearby friends or at a neighborhood hotel for the first day or two after surgery, just so that there is as little disturbance to your recovery as possible.

Is the Staff Certified?

Our OR is staffed with professionals. Dr. Fox is a double-board-certified surgeon, specializing in facial plastic surgery. His surgical staff are all certified in their specific fields, credentialed within the organization, and
awarded specific surgical privileges.

Do you Perform Breast or Other Body Augmentations?

No. Dr. Fox is a facial plastic surgeon – strictly from the neck up.

I have an ENT issue. What number should I call?

(508) 995-0700 – Dr. Fox is also an ENT physician with Southcoast ENT, just upstairs from this office. If you are unsure of which office to call, please feel free to contact us.

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