Lip Augmentation and Reconstruction

Dr. Albert Fox provides aesthetic lip reconstruction using both surgical and non-surgical techniques. Purely cosmetic lip enhancement/augmentation can be performed with soft-tissue fillers such as Juvéderm or Restylane. More permanent lip enhancement can be performed through the use of lip implants (e-PTFE), fat injections or fat transfer to the lips.

Lip reconstruction may be necessary to restore the form and function of the lip. Trauma due to motor vehicle accidents, dog bites, or falls may need local tissue flaps or other techniques to restore the appearance and function of the lip.

Skin cancers of the lip due to long term sun exposure, genetic factors, smoking and alcohol use, require the expertise of a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon to provide the best possible result. Depending on the size of the lip defect, special soft tissue flaps are commonly needed along with meticulous wound closure to ensure an excellent functional and aesthetic result.

Birth defects, such as cleft lip deformity also require meticulous closure techniques to provide a good outcome.Dr. Albert Fox provides both aesthetic and reconstructive lip procedures to his patients.

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